Kenzie Turn Board Pro

Kenzie Turn Board Pro

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"Turn Board Pro"

 Direct From the USA

Turn like a PRO with the TurnBoard PRO.

The TurnBoard PRO is an advanced TurnBoard that contains built-in sensors and connects to your iPhone through Bluetooth.  The TurnBoard PRO comes with a FREE downloadable app, and the app measures the dancer's turns, speed, and overall form.  As you turn on the TurnBoard PRO, the app automatically calculates your personal Turn Score.  Turn Scores range from 1 (Rookie) to 1,000 (World Class).  The better the turns, the higher the score! 

Learn with instant feedback and track your improvement from week to week.  Compete with friends, share your

Turn Score, and watch your turns improve!

Size: 11" long.

Here is a video of the Turn Board Pro in Action