Madmia 6-99 years MadMax Socks Limited Stock

Madmia 6-99 years MadMax Socks Limited Stock

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Madmia 6-99 years MadMax Socks Limited Stock

DINOSAUR SOCKS with Spikes. Dinosaurs may be extinct, but they’re still alive and kicking on these dinosaur socks. Take a jump into the Jurassic! MADMIA’s Colourful take on the pre-historic. Whether you're exploring the wilderness or just playing at home, these socks will keep you comfortable and stylish. So put on your dinosaur socks and let the adventures begin!

These socks are 'one size fits most' and are suitable for ages 6 - 99. They can fit adults but we recommend up to shoe size EU 41 equivalent to women's size 8/9 AU.Please note, they do have limited stretch around larger or muscular calves. Socks with less busy patterns such as (Mermaid Socks, Liquorice Bows, Mermaid Frills, Music Notes, Neon, Rainbow Tie Dye, Magic Frills, Ice Cream, Tie Dye) have better stretch and we highly recommend these patterns for adults to avoid stretch issues.
Socks - Cold hand wash only with extra care with wings and other accessories. For optimal care of our socks, we recommend a cold hand wash, taking extra care with wings or other accessories. Proper washing is essential to maintain the quality and integrity of our products.